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Wearing SlingEasy

There are numerous ways in which your baby can be carried using the SlingEasy. Your free booklet will explain them all in detail. Don't be afraid to practice in front of a mirror or call for experienced assistance.

SlingEasy is so versatile - there are so many ways you can carry your baby. Grandparents, babysitters and dads will love it too! For up to date advice on sling wearing (including carrying twins), visit Parenting Concepts the American manufacturers of the "SlingEzee" baby sling.

Safety first: The "SlingEasy" should never be used in a car as a safety restraint or while jogging, bicycling or engaging in vigorous activity. Never use while cooking hot foods or ironing or in situations which could be harmful to you or your baby. When stooping bend at the knees not at the waist, while supporting baby with both arms.

How to wear your Sling Easy

Step 1Step 1
Your SlingEasy sling should be delivered already buckled. If not pass the tail through both rings then bring it back over the top ring and pass back under the bottom ring, this will lock the fabric as soon as weight is placed in the sling. Pull down on the tail until you meet the fabric at the top of the tail stitching.
Step 2
Pass the SlingEasy sling over your head so that the shoulder pad rests on one shoulder and the hammock falls across your body to the opposite hip. The ring buckle will be just above your breast and the tail will be pointing toward the floor, in front. The SlingEasy can be worn on either shoulder. It's important to place the pad across the point of the shoulder so your sling has more of the appearance of a shawl, rather than up against your neck so that your baby's weight is more evenly distributed accross your shoulder.
Step 2
Step 3Step 3
Notice that more fabric is across your back than in front. This is for weight distribution. Check that the fabric along your back is not wadded, twisted or bunched. Prepare the hammock of the SlingEasy in front for the baby by forming a pocket. You are now ready to wear your baby in any number of holds we list.
The Cradle Hold
Support your baby securely in one arm with their head the same side as the rings. With your free hand hold open the hammock of your SlingEasy sling and guide your baby into a semi-upright position. Rest the babys head on the outer fabric that gathers into the rings, their legs and feet resting inside the sling in front of your waist. Your baby's head will not need to be covered by fabric unless you wish this. The weight of your baby will hold the sling securely against you. Your baby should rest at your waist or above. If the sling feels too low then it can be tightened by pulling on the tail. Support your baby while you do this.
The Cradle Hold
The Breastfeeding CarryThe Breastfeeding Carry
You can breastfeed in the sling by manoevering your infant from any of the positions but I will explain from the Cradle Hold. Reach into the sling and arrange your clothing. Turn your baby so they are tummy to tummy with their head in the correct position to reach the breast for latch on. Once they are happy feeding you can tighten the sling to fully support your baby so that your hands are free. This may take practise but is worth persevering, then you can breastfeed anywhere with your SlingEasy sling.
The Kangaroo Carry
Once your baby has head and neck control the Kangaroo Carry will be a good position during waking hours. Support baby facing forward with one arm under their legs and babys back against your chest. With your free hand, open the SlingEasy's hammock and lower baby, bottom first, into the pocket. Your babys bottom will be closer to your body in the hammock, giving them more fabric in front into which their legs will cross indian style or their knees will fold up against their chest. This is a favourite Dad Carry.
The Kangaroo Carry
The Hip StraddleThe Hip Straddle
This is a wonderful hold for babies from 6 months right up to a 35lb child. Lay your infant high on your exposed shoulder. Reach between the SlingEasy's hammock and your body and take hold of both feet. Lower baby into the sling so that their legs straddle your hips. Make sure that the bottom rail of padding is securely under their bottom and upper legs and that you do not allow them to lay back watch out when you go through a doorway. Tighten the sling as in the snuggle hold if necessary to ensure your child is carried at your waist or above. This is a great way to carry your toddler with the sling supporting their weight across your body rather than you having to bend your spine and stick your hip out to support.
The Snuggle Hold
In the Snuggle Hold baby will ride upright and facing you. The upper rail will support your babies head against your breast. If there seems to be too much slack in the upper rail for good head support, you can take up the slack by pulling the fabric that corresponds only to the upper rail through the lower ring, we call this bubbling. Your baby may ride in the Snuggle Hold with their feet inside the hammock of the SlingEasy, or outside the lower rail as shown in photograph.
The Snuggle Hold

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